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The Taste of Victory?

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you kept on trying and trying and eventually succeeded?

Over the pass few months, I’ve stepped up my training to catch up with everyone around me. Some say I train too much, some say I don’t train enough, but in reality, why would I train if I didn’t enjoy it? The bigger question though is why train so hard and so much in the first place? For the recognition? Bragging rights? Improvement? While playing any sport, game, or learning any hobby, there is always a list of goals you are trying to accomplish. Some may be as specific as learning a perfect drop shot from the baseline in tennis, and some may be as general as becoming a better basketball player. As someone who strives towards a goal, I don’t think there is anything better out there than the taste of victory: the feeling you get when you finally get over that hump that’s been stopping you for months, days, hours, minutes, or years.

Nothing can compare with that feeling of progress. It motivates you, drives you, makes you want to come out even more to progress one more step towards your goal. Although it may take some time to get there and there might be a lot of haters criticizing you on a daily basis, at the end of the day, despite what all the critics may say, the injuries accumulated, or the built-up frustration, keep pushing forward until you reach that goal. It will be worth every second, every bit of emotional and mental frustration, and every bit of sweat dropped to taste victory.

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